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July 13th, 2012

10:50 pm - Feeling like an idiot
Yep I felt like a total idiot just now, awesome...was convinced something was spelled a certain way and it wasn't...for years...blonde
Current Mood: annoyedstupid

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July 8th, 2012

11:31 pm

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July 6th, 2012

12:12 am - Prof. Brian Cox and Higgs particle
Prof. Brian Cox is on telly talking about it, yes more sexy smart on telly please!

Leave me here to fangirl <3

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June 28th, 2012

11:32 pm - YES!

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June 27th, 2012

10:03 pm - Lurking in real-life too
So I met Tom Hiddleston, look for the complete thing here http://ontdassemble.livejournal.com/13538.html

In a avengers party post I came across this picture:

  <--- That's me right in the corner with the grey coat and pony tail leaning in to something/someone.

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09:56 pm - My friend passed her driving theory!
So I posted this on her wall, she hasn't seen it yet but she'll love it

Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

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03:00 pm - Cheering me up
Just because

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02:59 pm - At least I've got my Whedon signed shirt
I am trying to study and join ontd, have sent them an email now, I hope I can get in as this is seriously irritating as I just want to join in the fun...I mean come on, it's online gossip board, I'm not going to be any harm :/

At least I got my Josh Whedon 'Equality Now!' signed shirt today...now I can't decide whether to wear it or frame it...

1st word problems obviously.
Current Mood: blahblah

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10:15 am - I'm going Shawshank redemption
I really want to join ontd, not so much for the general stuff as for the avenger posts, they are so much fun :D
So I'm going to ask every day to join and one day I'll get in, surely :D

Joining ontd: challenge accepted!
Current Mood: determined

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June 26th, 2012

08:21 pm - James Purefoy
The love I have for this man is wrong on so many levels and very right at the same time, sometimes it's hard to explain things but not this time.

James Purefoy is a wonderful actor, from The Mayor of Casterbridge to Rome, A Knight's Tale to now Richard II soon on BBC <3

Here is the amazing man himself:


Talking about his love for acting, working in the hospital and being an incredible human being with an voice to die for ^_^
Current Mood: impressedimpressed

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